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What is Suretys

Buying a car is complicated.
How many times have you or someone you know
been told you need a cosigner to get a car?
You then need to convince a parent or
friend to cosign for you. Not cool, right?
What if you had someone to rely on as your PLUS ONE? 
Someone you could turn to and say,
“Hey, can you SIGN IF I CAN’T?”
Suretys is your Significant Other.

Who is Suretys for?

The one who has done everything right.
Got an education, has a good job, joined the military, pays all the bills,
doesn’t have tarnished credit — they just don’t have any credit at all (yet).
Should that stop them from being able to buy the car they want?
Yeah, we don’t think so either.
What if there was a way for someone to help
get them into the car
they want at the best possible price? 
What if… that someone didn’t have to be their mom, dad, or great uncle? 
What if they were available immediately when you need them?
Meet Suretys. The plus one who will never stand you up. 

Lease with ease when you work with Suretys.

The Suretys Mission

The Suretys PlusOne Plan shakes things up.

• You can get Pre-Approved in just 10 minutes.
  Know what you can afford before you shop.

• Your Significant Other Signs.
  That’s Suretys, stepping in as your PlusOne cosigner.
   We take care of the rest.

How you can help

You can make a difference with 2 simple steps:

1. Sign up to make your voice heard and bring Suretys to your state.
Just share your name, email address and zip code.
2. Change the world by helping deserving people, without credit, (maybe your cousin, friend, roommate, son) — by removing obstacles for those that did everything right, and just haven’t built credit yet. 





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AT Suretys we are problem solvers

We Are A Company That Cares.

"I had five turn-downs! Suretys was truly painless. The monthly payment blew my mind. Now I am on my own.”

Katie, 20

"I live on a military base and needed a cosigner, but dad lived far away. With a Suretys policy, I didn't need dad, and got the car I wanted.”

Austin, 26
Military Member

"After months of trying to convince my aunt to sign for me, Suretys swooped in as the saving grace I needed to get my car and freedom!"

Nick, 23
let's do it!

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